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The Linc 1.17.08 - That old John Ritchie jersey...

These uniforms sure don't make it obvious she's an Eagles cheerleader...
Interesting article on about "the new look of sports news." It's blogs like this one!! (Philly Burbs)

The Eagles led the NFL in total attendance home and away. Plus the Eagles had the largest road attendance. (ESPN)

Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is supposed to decide whether he wants the Ravens' job today, and if he were to turn it down Eagles secondary coach John Harbaugh would reportedly be offered the job. (Baltimore Sun)

Lack of production from defensive ends not named Cole wasn't the only reason the Eagles pass rush dried up last year. (Iggles Blog)

A look back at the minister of defense. (For The Birds)

Thanks to Poor Sports for finding this one, a blog dedicated to pictures of people wearing bad jerseys in public. Very funny, specially the Jon Ritchie Jerseys. (Poor Sports, Straight Cash Homey)

Piling on the Cowboys for choking never gets old. (Eagle Scout)

Speaking of that... this is priceless. (America's Team Sucks)

Great job by Depressed Fan for grabbing an exclusive interview with new 76ers GM Ed Stefanski. If Tom Heckert is look for a blog to talk to... (Depressed Fan)

An interesting look at this developing debate between Donovan McNabb & Sheldon Brown. Although the debating appears to be totally on the Brown side. (Inside The Iggles)

The Bengals really want to re-sign Dhani Jones. That's good for a laugh. (Bird's Eye View)

The boys over at the Eagles Fancast have wrapped up their first season. Will they now release it on DVD? (Eagles Fancast)

This is pretty interesting, a visitor's guide to Lincoln Financial Field. Maybe call it a "Field Guide?" (The Eagle Report)

Jessica Simpson should be banned from all football games. The 700 Level has evidence she may have once jinxed the Eagles! (700 Level)

Speaking of the ladies... I should really start watching more MTV. This Heidi Montag is pretty tasty. Montag means Monday in German if I'm not mistaken... (WWTDD)

Finally, everyone be sure to pray for the sports gods to spare us again this weekend. (Fortress of Pillows)

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