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Marvin Lewis: "there will be no trade of Chad Johnson"

This seems pretty clear to me...

Mike Zimmer wasn't the only topic of conversation Wednesday at Paul Brown Stadium. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis also made it clear that the team is not going to trade wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Johnson, in a national radio interview Friday, said he felt unappreciated and that no member of the Bengals organization defended him when trade rumors swirled, and he hinted he would welcome a trade if he indeed were a problem.

"He didn't say anything different - that he was unduly chastised for being this or that," Lewis said Wednesday. "He's going to go back and be a pro and go forward and play. As I said then, there will be no trade of Chad Johnson. Repeat it again."

Asked if he were concerned about Johnson's attitude, Lewis said, "I can't control that. That doesn't mean anything to me right now. He's a special player and he's a Cincinnati Bengal for quite a while."

I suppose the eternal optimist could say that the Bengals are just trying to drive up the price by saying he's not available... but that really does seem like a stretch.

Check out the video of Lewis

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