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Monday Morning roundup; Chad Johnson. Dallas loses, Eagles cap stuff

While I did stop short of actually picking the Giants yesterday, I was not at all surprised by the outcome. Last week I wrote on the Samsung Defining Moments site that Dallas got the worst possible draw in the Giants. Does anyone else feel a little dirty having rooted for the Giants?

On the Chad Johnson front, the Cincy Enquirer says that the Philly Inquirer is reporting that the Eagles  could be a top suitor if Johnson is actually available. On Friday Johnson began what looks like a crusade to force a trade out of Cincy.

Kevin Roberts in the Courier Post had an interesting note at the end of an article he wrote

about getting McNabb weapons.
The Eagles' methods of locking up young players and managing the salary cap were, for years, incredibly smart and ahead of their time. The Eagles gained a decided advantage from this, and it paid off on the field.

But the NFL has changed the rules on them, increasing the salary cap to the point where the Eagles' methods don't provide them such an advantage. And in the process, they still have too many players walking around thinking the team is nickel-and-diming them. Even if the players are overreacting, it's not a good vibe to foster in the locker room.

There are indications the Eagles are willing to renegotiate Westbrook's contract -- a significant step forward. It's a new age, one in which the Eagles are sitting at home with a team that should still be playing today.

I've thought this for a while. The days of teams becoming cap strapped and not being able to hold onto their own players are really gone. Take the Colts for example. They've given huge money year after year to the likes of Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Freeney, Sanders... Let's not even mention what goes on down in Washington. The cap just isn't as much of an issue as it once was, yet the Eagles still treat it as something they need to be worrying about. This is exactly the reason no one should expect that Larry Fitzgerald will be leaving Arizona.

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