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Larry Fitzgerald isn't going anywhere

Not happening
My intention is not to be overtly negative or to dash Eagles fans hopes... but I do feel the need to be real. A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I didn't understand all the Chad Johnson talk I was hearing from Eagles fans on radio/web/tv.

The new superstar WR name that I'm hearing on the lips of Eagles fans is now Larry Fitzgerald from Arizona.

First, let's just figure out the genesis of the Larry Fitzgerald "rumors." After having a huge 2007 Fitzgerald reached certain incentives in his contract that Arizona probably never thought he would. He caught over 100 balls, he made the pro bowl and is now owed around $14.6 mil next year and a staggering $17.3 million in 2009. Now those numbers are obviously tough to fit under your cap. So someone must have figured that since he was owed so much money and since the Cards had other guys they need to sign this offseason(I believe they only have 33 guys signed for next year) that they would look trade Fitzgerald.

Here's why that makes no sense. No team is going to swallow that cap hit over the next two years. Any team that would trade for Fitzgerald would do so under the assumption that they'd re-do his contract and give him a long term extension... which is all the Cardinals plan to do.

this, in turn, means the Cardinals are seeking a new long-term contract with Fitzgerald.

"When we did his contract as a rookie, we knew that if he were a spectacular player -- which he has been -- that, we could be faced with what looks like a four-year deal (instead of six years)," general manager Rod Graves said.

"There's certainly an opportunity for us to live with his number. But it's such a huge number that it makes sense for us to sit down and see if we can work out a deal, not only to extend his future here, but to make it more palatable for us."

Graves has begun talks with Eugene Parker, Fitzgerald's agent. Parker could not be reached for his comment.

Again, this is no different than what any team would have to if they had Fitzgerald on their team. There's apparently been some speculation as to whether Fitzgerald wants to stay in Arizona or go to play in his native Minnesota...

"I like it here. I enjoy being here. I enjoy working here. I enjoy everything.
"As long as Arizona wants me here, I'll be here. If they don't want me here, then I gotta find somewhere else to go," he(Fitzgerald) said.

What about when his contract is up in two more seasons?

"I would love to stay here. I would love to play here for my entire career. It's a great place. But if they don't want me, then I have to go."
The Cardinals want him, for sure.

The article then goes on to quote coaches and front office people singing his praises. In another article Cardinals' GM Rod Graves basically quashed any all speculation.

Fitzgerald had been the subject of trade rumors, but general manager Rod Graves laughed when I asked him about that. "That's not going to happen," Graves said. "Larry is the kind of player we feel we can build a championship with." Graves said the Cardinals would make it a priority to sign Fitzgerald to an extension in the off-season.

 The simple fact is that this guy is one of the best young receivers in the game who has every tool you look for in a big time playmaker. There's no conceivable reason that the Cardinals would look to trade a guy like that. I'm pretty certain that Chad Johnson isn't getting traded this offseason, but I am 100% certain that Larry Fitzgerald isn't.  There are some real options at WR out there but Larry Fitzgerald is not one of them.

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