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The Linc 1.10.08 "What if?" Edition

I've been very lax in updating The Linc since the whole holiday season, so I figured it's time get back on track.

Enrico from The 700 Level wrote a very interesting piece over on Ballhype for their "What if..." series. He focuses on
what if the Eagles had drafted Ricky William instead of McNabb? (Ballhype)

An Eagles fan reminisces about great times watching the Eagles wearing the kelly green and silver colors. Now why not use those as a throwback? (The Love of Sports)

A full statistical breakdown of just how Sav Rocca performed this year. Seems encouraging. (Iggles Blog)

A lot has been made about Andy Reid as a drafter, including in topcat6's diary. However, what are the actual numbers as far as his hit or miss rate as compared to everyone else? (Scrapple)

Jay Marrioti think that if McNabb is available for a #1 pick and other picks that the Bears should do anything to get him. Hasn't the "will McNabb leave Philly?" ship sailed at this point? (Sun Times)

Since we're on the Bears and since the offseason is always a nice to reminisce... how about we take a trip back the infamous Fog Bowl? (Poor Sports)

Brian Westbrook was named to the Associated Press 2007 NFL All-Pro team (ESPN)

Speaking of #36, Cheesteak Hoagie makes a plea to please pay Westbrook. (Bounty Bowl)

Jordan Raanan does a nice job sizing up potential replacements if GM Tom Heckert were to leave. (Birds Eye View)

LJ Smith is famous. And he wants you to know it. (Inside the Iggles)

An Eagles fan has started a website to campaign for the Birds to bring Chad Johnson to Philly. (BringChad2Philly)

Maybe Omar Gaither can help the Sixers? The man can ball. (700 level)

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