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The Linc 8.06.07 - Pick Me edition

Hey look, it's Trotter in the background!
Football Outsiders have crunched the numbers and their rating system ranks the Eagles as #2 in the NFL. (Football Outsiders)

Iggles Blog shares a conversation between two fans as the season draws near. (Iggles Blog)

Scrapple gives a comprehensive preview of the NFC East. (BLOG)

Look at this... some predicted a superbowl this year for the Birds. (Eagles Gab)

Depressed Fan checks in with his preseason picks. I like what I see... (Depressed Fan)

Since I probably couldn't write a headline as good as this, I'll just copy it. Local Blathermonkey Mounts High Horse Disses Dave Spadaro (Bounty Bowl)

Some good new for this weekend, it just so happens that McNabb owns the Pack. (Inside the Iggles)

If this was truly the Madden 08 cover, I really might buy the game. Will kickers ever get their due? (The Sports Hernia)

Did anyone see that brawl in the stands during that glorius Mets-Phils series at Citizens Bank Park? Calling a row of Philly fans pussies = not a good idea. (Bugs and Cranks)

Someone wrote and article that says speed, not size is what matters for a 4-3 middle linebacker. What's more amazing, the writer is not Jim Johnson! (E!SPN)

David Akers says pick me! Pretty funny indeed. (NFL Fantasy Files)

It is officially the start of the 07-08 season and yet still there are those in the local media are still writing McNabb/TO stories. Oh and look who it is! (Mother of the Year)

Live in the Philly area and in need of a shower curtain? You're in luck! Seriously how odd is this? (Fortress of Pillows)

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