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Was Shawn Andrews just being dramatic? Part 4, he says yes

Early in preseason Andrews said the news he got from his doctor about his injury was "tear jerking." He asked people to "pray for him." This set off a firestorm of fans freaking out, websites running sensational "Is Andrews injury career ending?," local papers trying to get diagnosis from doctors who'd never examined the player, and of course Ron Jaworski telling everyone he had inside info that the injury was indeed career threatening. Turns out he was just winding up the fans and media.

"I knew I was going to [be ready]. I just kind of wanted to get you guys all riled up because I knew what kind of flare it would put up."

Nice. Yesterday, Andrews practiced and said he's feeling good.

"Today went great," Andrews said. "Today was awesome. It felt good being back on the turf and being with the [first team]."

"I'm excited about Sunday," Andrews said. "I don't know if Coach [Andy] Reid allows me to give any percentages, but I'll say I'm excited about where I'm at."

LJ Smith didn't seem to worry about whether the coach wants guys to give percentages...

"I'm about 75 percent right now," Smith said. ". . . The problem is durability. It's a muscle. The groin is the biggest part of your leg. That and the hamstring, and this [injury] is the thick part of the groin. It's hard to get to it. I'm not limited. The question is: Can I hold up? That's the biggest question."

Frankly, I don't see the need to rush LJ back. Celek had a nice preseason and Schobel is a capable fill in, it's more important to get LJ to 100% than it is to start him over those guys.

On a final note, Andrews one particular date circled on his calender...

"It's one game at a time, but I definitely have that one on my calendar," Andrews said of this year's Dec. 23 rematch with the Saints. "There were just some things that went on with the opposing team. There was one player in particular that did some things that I didn't appreciate. . . . I won't say any names, but hopefully you'll get a chance to see when we get that far down the schedule."

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