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Two Iron Men take the field in Green Bay this weekend

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We'll hear 100 billion times about how Brett Favre has started 237 straight games and how it's the longest active streak in football. What you are not likely to hear is the guy with the 3rd longest active streak will also be on the field.

Jon Runyan will be starting his 160th straight game. Sure, he's made a couple pro bowls, but is there any way we could ever quantify what Runyan has meant to the franchise in the Andy Reid era? In 2000 the Eagles made him the highest paid offensive tackle in football and he's been rock on the right ever since. He's been a leader, a pro bowl level performer, and he's brought an attitude that has set the tone for one of the better offensive lines in football over the past few years. If you were to make a list ranking the top Eagles free agent signings of all time, there's no doubt that Runyan would be in the top 2-3.

Runyan's streak is a pretty amazing feat for a lineman.

Favre benefits from an offensive line and at least one running back to protect him on pass plays. If that fails, he relies on his exceptional scrambling ability. Brooks' position allows him to benefit from momentum whenever contact is made. He doles out far more punishment than he receives.

An offensive tackle such as Runyan? He's there to absorb one blow after another .

"It's amazing that he has been able to play all those games," says Philadelphia coach Andy Reid, "because he plays reckless football and he is 6-7. There's a lot of area there to hit and hurt."

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