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Trotter got a job; Eagles' signing fluff

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In ex Eagles news, Tampa Bay has signed Jeremiah Trotter. It's a one year deal. Gary Cobb thinks Trotter playing the middle in the Tampa 2 will be a disaster. He makes a pretty good case. I think he's right that Trot may have been better served finding a 3-4 team, although who knows if he had any offers?

Rashad Barksdale has caught on with the Chiefs. Apparently the Eagles had hoped to sign him to the practice squad.

New signing Kimo von Oelhoffen says he can still play the game.

"I'm going to tell you the truth -- I can still play the game," von Oelhoffen said. "I do some things pretty good, some things not as good, but I can do some things very well. I'm going to play the game until they tell me I'm not good enough anymore."

Reuben Frank points out that Eagles fans actually saw more of him in the couple of plays von Oelhoffen played as a Jet in the final preseason game against the Eagles than we ever saw from Ian Scott, who never actually played.

JR Reed says he's fully healthy.

"The injury is not an issue any more," said Reed, who wears the ankle brace merely as a precautionary measure. "I'm not hurt. I'm healthy. That's what I came to Philly to do, return kickoffs. I had a great year and then I hurt myself. It's another opportunity to do that."

Finally, yet another writer has listed Reggie Brown as a breakout star in 07/08. This from's Clark Judge.

4. Reggie Brown, WR, Philadelphia: I love it when people tell you the Eagles can't win because they're short at wide receiver. Yeah, sure, and Peyton Manning needs to brush up on his passing skills.

Maybe Reggie Brown is not a No. 1 wideout with the Colts or Arizona Cardinals, but he is in this offense -- and it's about time people outside Philadelphia appreciate him.

All he did his first season was set a franchise rookie record with 43 catches. A year later he led the team with eight TD receptions and averaged a whopping 17.7 yards per catch, the highest figure for anyone with 45 or more grabs.

Brown won't be among the top 10 receivers in the league, but it's the quality of his receptions -- not the quantity -- that make him valuable.

Reggie has taken great strides the past two years, but admittedly he didn't have a great preseason. Hopefully, it doesn't mean a whole lot.

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