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BGN chats with Cris Collinsworth

Sunday Night Blogger
This week I spoke with Chris Collinsworth for a show on called "Sunday Night Blogger."

We chat about last week's huge win and preview the upcoming Sunday night clash with the Giants.

Some highlights of what we talked about:

I said I thought Kearse has looked like a shell of his former self and doesn't look like he's fully back from his knee injury last year. Collinsworth said from watching the game film that Kearse was still getting chipped and double teamed on almost every play. So while he may not be putting up the numbers just yet, opposing coaches are still clearly worried about him.

He talks about the "education in the passing game" that Kevin Curtis got from Mike Martz when he was in St Louis. He said with so many teams playing zone these days, that it's not about just beating a guy deep most of the time. It's about finding holes in the zone, which is exactly what Curtis was doing in the Lion's game.

He called Brian Westbrook "one of the great football players in this leauge" and seemed pretty baffled about how Westbrook has only made one pro bowl and was only there because of an injury to a starter.

All in all I had alot of fun and I think the show ended up as a pretty interesting listen/watch. Huge kudos to NBC for supporting and promoting blogs as a legit part of the sports media world. Let me know what you guys think.

Check out the show right here on

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