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5 questions with Big Blue View

It's always interesting to hear about what the opposition is thinking about this weekend's game, so I got EtVal from Big Blue View, our resident Giants blog. My answers to his questions are over here.

BGN - The Giants have had no luck with injuries over the past few years and this year seems to be no exception. Can you shed any light on the walking wounded in NY?

Big Blue View - At this point, the biggest injury is to Brandon Jacobs. He is beginning to practice again, but is unlikely to play. Derrick Ward has stepped in nicely at tailback. Will will continue to see lots of playing time even after Jacobs returns. Giants will also be without second-round pick Steve Smith, a wide receiver, who has a fractured scapula.

BGN - Much like everyone is wondering whether the real Eagles offense is the one we saw last week or the one we saw in weeks one or two... I'm guessing people are wondering the same about the Giant's defense. They were almost statistically the worst defense in football over the first two weeks, but they really showed some things last week. Was last week just an anomaly or is that group starting to come together?

BBV - I think they are starting to come together. At DE Osi Umenyiora is getting healthier, Michael Strahan looked better last week and Justin Tuck has been their best player. Mathias Kiwanuka showed flashes last week of learning how to be a linebacker (he was drafted as a DE and has struggled to transition). Giants also starting moving him to DT in passing situations, and that paid off. Also, first-round pick Aaron Ross is showing signs of developing into a quality corner. That said, this is still a fragile defense that can give up big plays.

BGN - Eli Manning has been able to make some great starts over the past few years. Over the past few years he has looked like a pro bowler until midseason where he seems to lose it. First, do you think this an accurate description? If so, he's off to another solid start and do you think he can sustain it?

BBV - I think Eli is playing the best football of his career right now. He seems to be maturing in many ways. He is more comfortable speaking out, gained tons of respect for playing against Green Bay after suffering a shoulder injury in Week 1, and has thrown the ball very well so far. Yes, I think he can sustain it.

BGN - What must Tom Coughlin have to do this year save his job? Win the division? Win a playoff game? Just make the playoffs?

BBV - That's the question everyone would love to know the answer to. If the Giants go 5-11 I don't see how he can keep his job. If they make the playoffs that's three years in a row and I don't see how they can fire him. Anywhere in between and I think all bets are off.

BGN - This is something I like to ask everyone, if you could take one Eagles player and put him on your team who would it be?

BBV - Brian Westbrook. He's the player who scares me the most.

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