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The Linc 9.26.07 - 4 for 1 Edition

To make up for lost weeks, we needed to go 4 for 1
In addition to the BGN Live Podcast there is yet another new Eagles fan podcast called Eagles Fan Cast. They describe it as "A podcast by three true fans telling it how it is." I'm down with that. (Eagles Fan Cast)

Look! Actual video evidence that McNabb is a vocal on field leader.... (Iggles Blog)

It's getting to be that time of year when I'm in the mood for a good ole fashion hockey brawl! Brawling during preseason is kinda lame... (With Leather)

Over at Scrapple, they've been going through a very interesting analysis of Andy Reid's draft over the past few years as opposed to other top teams. (Scrapple)

Dave Brooks correctly skewers the Cowboys for their signing of jailbird and  career criminal Tank Johnson. Not that it's anything new for them. (Eagle Scout)

Yay for illegal online video highlights of Sunday's game! (Inside the Iggles)

While I agree that the throwbacks look better with jeans than white pants, I must say that they look even better with blue hot pants. (Bounty Bowl)

The Green Legion, who organizes trips to Eagles away games, has their gallery from week one in Green Bay up. The problem is you must register with them to see it, although it's free to do so... (Green Legion)

The Eagles are protecting the environment from from drunk, lazy fans. (700 Level)

Speaking of protecting the environment, here's a wonderful collection of all of PETA's ads in which female celebrities have posed sans clothing. (NSFW-ish) While I do like the ads... I'm still eating meat. (

In honor of the Phillies resurgence, you have to check this really great portrait of Utley & Howard. (Sports Illustrated)

Finally, for you gamers out there... I've been playing a new game called Bioshock and it's absolutely incredible. (IGN)

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