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Maybe Vince Young understands McNabb more than he says

Last night Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans took apart what seems like a hapless Saints team. By the way I did predict the Saints would struggle this year... That's beside the point though. Vince Young after the game found himself talking about how he felt he needed to prove he can throw the ball not just run. And this is a guy who felt McNabb was wrong when he said black QBs have more to prove than white QBs. Think again Vince.

First, here's a refresher on what McNabb had to say.

"Nobody ever talked to Steve Young about the running quarterback situation and Jake Plummer," he said.

McNabb has always been sensitive about being labeled a running quarterback. He considers himself someone who passes first and runs only out of necessity.

"You wouldn't ask somebody else the questions we get asked," McNabb said, declining to reveal those questions.

"I bet Fran Tarkenton, Steve Young, Jake Plummer, and Doug Flutie have never been told by a member of any racial consciousness organization that they don't play the quarterback position white enough," McNabb wrote.

When asked if he's felt the same criticism or issues Vince Young had this today.

"Black or white quarterbacks, we all go through something because that's the life of a quarterback," Vince Young said Wednesday after Titans practice. "You've got to be able to handle all the pressure. You've got to be able to handle the losses. You've got to be able to handle the media. If you can't handle it, you've got to get off that position and go play something else."

Ok fair enough. I agree, all QBs do have to deal with criticism. But if the criticism you face isn't any different than any white QB, why did you have to say things like this?

"I wanted to show the world that I can throw the ball," Young told reporters.

On ESPN after the game he was asked, "What were you trying to prove out there tonight Vince?"

He answered,

That I can throw the ball down the field... That's what I wanted to show the world that I can thrown the ball. It's not all about Vince Young is a mobile quarterback... Vince Young is a quart-er-back, that's it.

Watching that really is like dejavu. It's the same type of stuff McNabb used to say early in his career when he was trying to shake the moniker of the "running QB." Frankly, it's not fair that he should have to do that.

Check out this article by Mike Celzic of MSNBC where he lists all the doubts about whether Young was just a running QB and praises him for staying in the pocket last night. This AM on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the morning Mark Schlereth was talking about how there was so many comparisons to Mike Vick coming out of college as far as running, but there was questions as to whether Young could throw the ball. Ron Jaworski after the game said "I love the way he embraces the pocket first, he'll take those running opportunities as an option... he's not looking for them the minute he drops back."

Sometimes it's subtle, and I'm not saying that these media types are racist or anything like that... But if Vince Young doesn't think he faces different questions than white QBs then he's just not paying attention. Honestly this is something I hate writing about, I take no joy in it's whatsoever but the subject was so apparent to me in the post game coverage I just couldn't help.

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