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How's this for a throwback?

I've made no secret of the fact that I'm not a huge fan of the "throwback" uniforms the Eagles will don this Sunday. First, they don't even really look like the original Frankford Yellow Jackets jersey that they're trying to imitate. The new jersey has brighter, shinier colors, and they're short sleeved. I get why that is, but it may have been fun to see them go all out with the rubgy style long sleeve shirts.

As a bit of history it should be noted that the Frankford Yellow Jackets didn't evolve into the Eagles. The Yellow Jackets went bankrupt and folded in 1931. Neither the Eagles nor the NFL consider them the same franchise. The Philadelphia Eagles were a brand new franchise awarded to Bert Bell over a year after the collapse of the Yellow Jackets. Almost no players from the Yellow Jackets ended up on the new Eagles. The Eagles, did however carry over the Yellow Jackets jersey and colors in their inaugural season.

Either way, it seems that very few Eagle fans like these things, and around the country opposing fans are having a laugh at our expense. So I ask, how great would it have been to see the team suit up in the old kelly green? The colors that identified this franchise through the vast majority of its existence? There would have been unanimous support from the fans, I mean who wouldn't want to see the team as they looked back in the days of Reggie, Seth, Clyde, Jerome, Buddy, & Randall? That was an iconic team with larger than life players. Especially now, given that we could use some of that era's heart and tenacity on Sunday, how cool would it have been?

Let's hope one day they do decide to bring back the kelly green, and hopefully that day will come before the 100th anniversary season...

Is it me or is there just something uplifting about looking at this picture?

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