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The Linc 9.20.07 - Tyrone Hill edition?

Ugh, we need a win
Another loss, means another week of self flaguation... Remember our rule, not cute Eagles chicks without a win. This week I give you former Sixer Tyrone Hill instead!

Donovan McNabb has posted on his own blog addressing the latest controversy. When you read the guy's on words, you can't help but feel that he's being very genuine. He's isn't trying to just stir up controversy, this is the way he feels and it's important to him. (Yardbarker)

You know that stat everyone was using talking about how the Eagles have lost 5 of the last 6 games McNabb has started? It's kinda BS. (Iggles Blog)

This is pretty damning, Eagles Eye found that the team didn't run on consecutive plays until the 4th quarter. And they gained over 40 yards. (Eagles Eye)

When you look at the numbers is there even more to what McNabb had to say than we first thought? (Depressed Fan)

The Dallas Cowboys signed jailbird Tank Johnson, and I agree with him that it's a perfect fit. (Eagle Scout)

If you're interested, here's that video of Brian  Dawkins as "Weapon X" (Inside the Iggles)

Speaking of that, not all Eagles fans find it all that cool. (Bounty Bowl)

The Eagle Report has a fun new feature... The Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Obscurity in which they pay tribute to Eagles players long(and mercifully) forgotten... (Eagle Report)

Has anyone seen these crazy Oscar De La Hoya pictures? He's basically posing in women's lingerie... weird. Although I think they look kinda photoshopped. (With Leather)

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