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McNabb press conference gets tense

This is being reported by a couple sources. McNabb was in the midst of a routine Wednesday press conference when the questions quickly began to focus on his comments on the HBO show. McNabb reportedly grew frustrated and walked out.

Gary Cobb

McNabb didn't like the fact that reporters abandoned asking questions about the upcoming game against the Detroit Lions and started asking questions about his comments on HBO when he said  "that he's judged harsher because he's a black quarterback".  McNabb fielded a couple of football questions then was greeted with question after question about his HBO comments.

PFT is typically a bit sensational, but they do alert us to an interesting email...

And it seems that the team is stepping away from McNabb on this one.  Case in point -- the Eagles' P.R. staff included every question, and every answer from McNabb, in an e-mail sent out to members of the media.

Our guess?  McNabb's days in Philly are numbered.  We used to think he'd be gone after the 2007 season; we now think there's an outside chance that he gets traded within the next month.

The link to the email is right here.

Finally, the official Eagles site reported on it.

Nearly all of McNabb's 11-minute press conference was a verbal volley between the quarterback and members of the media who were trying to pin down exactly what McNabb meant in the interview. He said at one point that he feels he was asked questions that would not be asked of white quarterbacks in the same situation, a statement that seemed to bother many members of the media in attendance.

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