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The "C" on the jersey is stupid

I'm not a fan
When the NFL first announced their new captaincy initiative, which involved putting captain's patches on a team's 5 captains, I was intruiged by it. However, seeing it in action this past weekend I think most would agree how stupid they look. Rather than just go with the simple C like in hockey, the NFL opted for this garish block with a goofy looking C and 4 stars inside it. Not only does it look totally out of place, but the fact that 5 players are wearing them just cheapens the whole idea. At any given time you could see 10 captains on the field at once.

The worst part is that the NFL has made it optional for teams to wear the patches, which means to me that they don't really believe in the idea all that much. I gotta say that I was pretty happy to see that the Eagles were one of the teams who declined to participate.

Over at Uni Watch they think it's going to be a one year thing, because many teams don't seem to care.

there were at least 10 "C"-free teams yesterday: the Vikings, Pats, Packers, Eagles, Browns, Chargers, Redskins, Falcons, Cowboys, and Jaguars. Plus the 49ers and Cardinals, who are playing tonight, have announced that they're going "C"-less. So that makes 12 out of 32 teams -- more than a third of the league -- that were smart enough to ignore this silliness. (As an aside: Michael Strahan was one of the Giants' captains, which tells you everything you need to know about how meaningless NFL captaincies are to begin with. This guy's idea of "leadership" was holding out through the entire preseason.)

I also find it a bit funny that the Giants were the only team in the NFC East to wear the things... What are your thoughts on the C?


What do you think about the C?

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    Get rid of em
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