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The Linc 9.12.07 - "Meh?" edition

Ugh, we need a win
First, as a bit of self-punishment I've decided that I'm going to deprive us of cute Eagles fans the week after a loss. Instead, I went with the disturbing pic of AJ & Koy. Seriously, the Birds need to beat the Skins on Monday...

BGN's take on the Eagles week one loss to the Pack was featured on this week's episode of Bleacher Bloggers. If you haven't seen their show before, I'd definitely check it out. The format is cool and the guys do a great job. (Bleacher Bloggers)

Last year, the play of the defensive tackles was clearly one of the weak links on this team. On Sunday, the DTs may have been the team's greatest strength. (Iggles Blog)

Screaming "fire!" in a crowded theatre is not okay, but doing it on a football field is a good idea. (Eagles Chronicles)

Eagles fans were understandably upset with Andy Reid after Sunday's loss, but at least no one kicked him in the balls. (Soccernet)

Before you get too panicked about that first game be sure to remember your Eagles history. (Eagle Scout)

Yay for unauthorized video highlights of the Packer game. On second thought, I really didn't enjoy watching them. (Inside the Iggles)

Have the Eagles earned the nickname BYU East? (Bounty Bowl)

If last week was Kielbasa in honor of the Packers, what is this weekend's food for football fans? (700 Level)

A new NFL season means fresh new anti Dallas propaganda over at Joe's infamous anti-Dallas site... (America's Team Sucks)

Here is a pretty interesting list of confusing NFL penalties. I've never even heard of "Illegal Touching of the Kick." (

Finally, I finish with a video of a girl who really, really love the Eagles. **warning this is very NSFW!!!** (Kontraband)

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