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That old mediocre feeling is back!

Update [2007-9-11 21:51:50 by BleedGreen]: It's official. JR Reed was cut to make room. No official word on whether he'll handle both punts and kickoffs but smart money would say he will. Mahe won't scare any opposing teams, but he won't scare his own team either.

Reno Mahe got the call...

Asked yesterday if the reports were true that the Eagles planned to bring back Reno Mahe in an effort to avoid a repeat of Sunday's punt-return disasters, the head coach said, "Not necessarily." By late afternoon, the Eagles had contacted Mahe in Utah and asked him to get on an airplane bound for Philadelphia.

"I just got the call about a half-hour ago," Mahe said from his cell phone around 5 p.m. "All they said was we're flying you out here and we'll see you soon. I'm just excited to come back."

The Eagles declined to comment on whether they would sign Mahe to handle punt returns, but all signs point in that direction.

Like I said yesterday, mediocre is a step up from what we saw Sunday. So in that sense, I guess I'm happy. That said, I can't help but be a little skeptical about whether the absolute best possible option out there is a guy who hasn't played football in a year? A guy who hasn't even been in a training camp. The Eagles have apparently also contacted Jeremy Bloom, but The Morning Call says the deal with Mahe is done.

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