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Lito out... again; Andy takes the blame

This is getting to be a regular thing as Lito Sheppard again got hurt and will miss games. He has an MCL sprain and while this doesn't seem like a terrible injury it will likely keep him out of next Monday night's game against the Skins. I count 3 straight years now where Lito has been unable to stay healthy. I love the guy when he's on the field, but I have to admit it's getting pretty frustrating how often he seems to be getting nicked up with one thing or the other.

I will give Andy credit. This loss was on him and he did acknowledge that. From the official site.

As for firming up a punt return game, which coughed up a pair of turnovers that ultimately cost the team the game, Reid said the team is exploring options, one that reportedly is former Eagles' return man Reno Mahe.

Reid would not get into specifics and would not name his punt returner for the Monday night home opener against Washington. Reid said there's a "possibility" that it could be Brian Westbrook. It's unlikely the team will go with Greg Lewis and J.R. Reed, each of whom muffed punts that led to Packer scores.

"It's my responsibility to put guys back there who can get the job done," Reid said.

While I certainly trust Reno not to blow a game, part of me does worry that he hasn't played football in a year. I have to wonder whether at this point the safer option is Jeremy Bloom? He didn't exactly light things on fire in the preseason, but he didn't muff any punts and he made better decisions that what we yesterday. Is there really not one professional return guy cut by a team 2 weeks ago that's still out there?

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