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TO misses McNabb

TO never seems to be a guy happy with what he has. When he was with the Eagles he wanted Brett Favre as his QB, now that he's in Dallas, he wants McNabb. Time magazine let readers ask TO "10 questions"

f you could choose any quarterback in the NFL to be the No. 1 in Dallas, who would it be and why? Patrick McLeod, PANAMA CITY

Man, that's a tricky question. I don't want to cause trouble ... O.K., I would say Peyton Manning, then Donovan McNabb. Peyton has history on his side, with his dad being a quarterback, and you can't say enough about how studious he is in the film room.

I suppose the diplomatic answer to that question was "Tony Romo," but that wouldn't be TO's style would it?

There is some signs though that the soon to be 34 year old receiver is growing up.

Do you regret how your relationship with quarterback Donovan McNabb turned sour in Philadelphia? David Sansone, PHILADELPHIA

You know what? I do regret some of the things that happened. Donovan is a great guy. Honestly, I do miss being around him. I learned some things from Donovan. It was a bad situation, and if there were a way I could go back and handle some things differently, I definitely would.

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