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Rocca wins the job; Dirk is not happy

The former North Melbourne Kangaroo is officially a Philadelphia Eagle and the leagues' oldest rookie at 33. Sav's brother Anthony has told Australian media this morning what the Daily News has also reported, which is that Dirk Johnson has been cut and Rocca is the Eagles punter for the 07/08 season.

The guy has been able to capture the interest of Eagles fans moreso than any punter I can ever remember. Rocca combines a tremendous leg with a tough attitude that Eagles fans love. In fact I think that outside McNabb's recovery it may well be safe to say that this punter battle, and more specifically the rise of Rocca, has probably the most talked about story at camp. If the Eagles are smart, they'll put this guy's jersey on sale tonight. I think his jersey could well become one of the highest selling(at least for the Eagles) this year. I'd buy one!

Update [2007-9-1 14:24:56 by BleedGreen]: Dirk Johnson has some sour grapes...

"In my mind, they had their minds made up before that game," Johnson said. "What did that game prove? If it came down to that game, I'd still be here. If it didn't, they should have cut me last week, while two teams (Cardinals and Patriots) were still looking for punters."

"I was surprised," Johnson said. "I didn't feel like I performed in a way to have my job taken away. Nothing against Sav, but I felt like I had a good camp and kicked well in the games. It's tough. I'd feel different if I had a bad camp and kicked inconsistently, but I don't feel that was the case."

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