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Campin' - Eagles Training Camp notes 8.7.07

Camp goodness from from Flickr
Same old story. Ryan Moats looks great one minute and fumbles the next. Same thing happened the day I was at camp.

McNabb has made his annual super bowl prediction. He says that people chuckled at him last year when he predicted a superbowl, but the team ended up just a few plays away from the NFC title game.

Tony Hunt is hitting and getting hit by everyone. Rookie CB Nick Graham has been throwing his body around and Pat McCoy "blew up" Jerome McDougle.

The hit of camp so far may very well be a collission between two rookies, Tony Hunt and CJ Gaddis. Hunt had broken through into the secondary and Gaddis lined him up for huge hit that sent both guys straight to the ground.

Pretty much every year there's one story about how John Runyan hates camp.

The amount of positive  articles on Tony Hunt's performance is pretty surprising. I can't wait to get a look at him tomorrow.

McNabb has clarified his remarks that seemed to support Mike Vick.

Jevon Kearse is, by all reports, having a great camp. Plus, in the second half of this article there's some interesting quotes from the Phreak talking about his evaluations of our other DEs.

I like to see a guy like C Jamaal Jackson getting his props. It's not the sexiest position on the field, but Jackson was a huge upgrade over Fraley and really was a big part of the Eagles success last year.

Andy Reid runs one of the tougher camps in the NFL. Do the Eagles maybe do a little too much hitting in camp?

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