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Are these the cuts?

Update [2007-9-1 11:10:31 by BleedGreen]: The Daily News has reportedly confirmed through separate sources that Jeremy Bloom and Dirk Johnson have indeed been cut. Whether the rest of the list is real remains to be seen.

Thanks to Eagle Scout for compiling the list. There is some controversy however as the Eagles claim that this list was apparently put up on their site by mistake and that they are just "dummy names." The problem is that the list is entirely believable. Surprises would be Jeremy Bloom, Dirk Johnson, & Ian Scott. We'll know just how real it is by 4p tomorrow when teams must officially be down to a 53 man roster.

Nate Ilaoa (RB)
Jason Davis (FB)
Jeremy Cain (FB/LS)
Jeremy Bloom (WR)
J.J. Outlaw (WR)
Michael Gasperson (WR)
Zac Collie (WR)
Lee Vickers (TE)
Jonathan Palmer (T)
Jasper Harvey (C)
Jacob Hobbs (G)
Pat McCoy (T)
Marques Murrell (DE)
Mauricio Lopez (DT)
Ian Scott (DT)
Akeem Jordan (LB)
Dedrick Roper (LB)
Dustin Fox (CB)
Nick Graham (CB)
Marcus Paschal (S)
Erick Harris (S)
Dirk Johnson (P)

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