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Trying to build the 53 man roster

Sometime tomorrow the Eagles need to cut 22 guys to get to make up the 53 roster. Some of it is going to be easy.

Jeremy Cain, Zac Collie, Tank Daniels, Dustin Fox, Michael Gasperson, Erick Harris, Jasper Harvey, Jacob Hobbs, Nate Ilaoa, Akeem Jordan, Mauricio Lopez, Marques Murrell, Pat McCoy, JJ Outlaw, Jonathon Palmer, Marcus Paschal, Bill Sampy, and Lee Vickers are all likely gone with a couple maybe landing on the practice squad. That makes 18, which means they need 4 more.

Those last 4 will be the winners of a few position battles.

Sav Rocca/Dirk Johnson
Jason Davis/Thomas Tapeh
Jeremy Clark/Ian Scott/LaJuan Ramsey
Nick Graham/Rashad Barksdale/Joselio Hanson
Jeremy Bloom/Greg Lewis
You could also say that some offensive lineman like Nick Cole or Scott Young could possibly be in danger...

Whether 2 of those tackles, 2 of those CBs, and maybe even both Bloom & Lewis make the team will depend on what Andy thinks he needs in terms of depth. Andy's history certainly shows that he usually will take as many big boys as he can.

On a side note did anyone see that the NFL network has made Kevin Kolb the player of the week?

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