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Preseason vs Jets - What to watch

Well, nothing really. The starters will maybe play a series if at all. McNabb will not play, but word is that we may see the young linebackers Gocong and Gaither get some extra time. At this point the only real drama is on special teams. The punters job is up for grabs as tonight Dirk gets the start, presumably because he didn't get a chance to punt last game. It also appears that suddenly both return jobs are up for grabs. Bloom will see time with Buckhalter and Greg Lewis. If there was ever a time for a big return from Bloom, it's now. Certainly at least one nice return would solidify his role as the team's lone return man.

We should get some good looks at Tony Hunt and Nate Ilaoa as you'd imagine they'll shoulder most of the carries. The second half should see a heavy dose of Kevin Kolb along with guys like Abiamiri and Bradley on the defense. The best you hope for in a final preseason game is a good showing from some rookies and no injuries. So here's to that!

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