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Corey Simon got another contract

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Is Corey going to Tennessee for the famous BBQ?
Simon signed and practiced today with the Tennessee Titans.
"Corey brings a combination of run-stuffing size and pass rushing ability to the defensive tackle position," said Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt. "Prior to last season, he has been a consistent and productive player who contributed to playoff teams and we are excited to see him get a second chance here with the Titans to prove he still has that ability."

That's painting a pretty rosey picture there Mike... Not really the case, but he's trying his best to make it look like a good move. Also, if you read the article, they made a pretty funny error. They say Simon was "A sixth-round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2000, he was a Pro Bowl selection in 2003." Corey Simon was of course the 6th overall pick in the draft, not a 6th round pick.

Basically it's a one year "prove it" deal. Honestly, this is probably Corey's last chance to show he wants to and still can play football and if he isn't motivated by that then nothing will motivate this guy.

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