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The greatest Eagles beat down of all time

ESPN's page 2 had an interesting article on The greatest beatdowns in history and it got me thinking. What are the greatest beatdowns in Eagles history?

This is something I need everyone's help on. There should probably be some criteria though. The great beatdowns should probably have some significance. A playoff game, a game against Dallas or NY... Not just your average regular season game, although if you can think one that's just outrageous let me know.

My entry is going to be the December 30th, 1995 wildcard playoff against the Detroit Lions. The final score was 58-37. The game remains the highest scoring game in playoff history. The Eagles defense racked up 6 interceptions(2 for TDs), and the team scored 31 points in the second quarter alone. Midway through the third quarter the Eagles lead 51-7! The Lions added a few late TDs to make it look more respectable, but it was still one of the worst beatings in league history.

What are your best Eagles beat downs? I'll keep updating this post with your suggestions and next I'll throw up a poll with the nominations.

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