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McNabb changes his tune on Trotter move

About 2 days ago over on his official Yardbarker blog McNabb commented on the release of Jeremiah Trotter. He seemed disappointed by the move, but his thoughts on the subject were typically benign.

Before anyone asks, I think we will miss Jeremiah Trotter. I will miss him as a good friend. He's also a great player who played with great emotion that other players fed off of. You can not have enough players like that. Like L.J., he brings something to the table that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.

However, yesterday as he addressed the media his tone notably changed. He was "shocked."

"Every year, it's a surprise . . . You always ask the question, 'Why?' You never seem to get a correct answer. It's something I've kind of grown accustomed to in my 9 years now," he said.

"You're going to get answers [from management], but it's all on the answers you accept. What's really the true answer? You talk to players that go through it . . . you ask questions of some people around the organization . . . you never really get a full answer of why. I don't know why."

McNabb said he spoke with Reid about why Trotter was cut.

"I had questions about it," McNabb said. "He gave me a couple of answers about it."

Were those answers satisfactory?

"You get answers from the decision-makers, Andy, Joe, and those guys, that it was something that they felt was the best thing to do . . . you can't second-guess . . . my job is to make sure that the other guys in the locker room have that confidence in each other that we can continue to achieve this goal, and just be ready to move on," McNabb said.

I believe BGN reader SDF psychoanalyzed McNabb's quotes perfectly when he said "It was pretty clear from the quotes that McNabb saw this as a reflection of his own football mortality, or at least his career with the Eagles, and he has undoubtedly been thinking about that since draft day."

McNabb's own words seems to bolster that analysis,

The goal is to win the Super Bowl. Again, it's not my decision of what decisions are made, because there's going to probably be a decision when my name is called. Maybe I'll be sitting here talking like he talked to y'all yesterday, and then you'll ask that same question of somebody else."

Now, I may shock some people here... but I honestly really liked reading this. I've said it a few times this summer, but I do like this "new" McNabb. What guy do you think the players are going to respect more? The guy who came out and said what he said today or the guy who when Trotter was released last time after a contract dispute said simply "We all know it's a business?"

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