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Reid's thoughts on the Trotter release

In an official release, Andy Reid spoke very candidly about the release of Jeremiah Trotter.

Jeremiah is one of my favorite guys," said head coach Andy Reid. "There's no question that this is the toughest part of this job. He and I met about this last night and it was very emotional for the both of us. Jeremiah and I have been together for many years and he's played a vital role in helping this team win a lot of football games. He developed himself into a Pro Bowl middle linebacker through a lot of hard work and desire. In my mind, he will always be a Philadelphia Eagle and I'm sure he feels the same way. I wish he and his family nothing but the best in the future."

It certainly seems likely that the reason Trotter was released today and not closer to the time when the roster must be down to 53 was to give him a better chance to catch on with another team. That was a classy thing to do, and you have to respect Andy for treating Trotter right on the way out.

Update [2007-8-21 19:17:22 by BleedGreen]: Over on the official site they have some great pics and coverage of Trotter's last day with the team. He addressed the team after practice, talked with the media, and had a chance to say his goodbyes. In one of the classiest moves you'll hear, Trotter called Omar Gaither last night.

"The first person to tell me was Trot," Gaither said. "He called me last night, and the first thing he said was congratulations. He explained everything to me, and that means the world to me."

"I told him 'I've held down the middle for a number of years. You have a lot of ability, just continue to work hard, keep God first and just continue to listen to your veterans like Takeo (Spikes) and (Brian) Dawkins and coaches, and you'll be fine,'" Trotter said.

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