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Is Shawn Andrews just being dramatic? Part 3, Seriously it looks like he is

Today's latest entry in the Andrews injury saga comes from Les Bowen who talks to "the big kid's" agent and gets his response to all the speculation over his ankle.

Rich Moran, agent for Shawn Andrews, insists that his client does not have osteonecrosis, the possible diagnosis offered in Saturday's Daily News that medical sources said would account for Andrews' assertion that he was using a bone stimulator, and for his characterization of his talk with a specialist as a "tearjerker." Eagles coach Andy Reid said Friday night that Andrews has a high ankle sprain. Moran said he agrees with Reid that Andrews should be ready for the start of the season

The "possible diagnosis" that the quote refers to is the shocking piece of journalism that ranted against over the weekend. Again, "medical sources" is just a random doctor that Bowen talked to. I must say that Andy Reid's rule that prohibits players from talking to the media about their injuries makes more and more sense by the day!!!

Thanks to Iggles Blog for finding this one.

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