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Let's go to camp!

This is kind of a last minute thing but I am heading to camp tomorrow(Friday)! I'll be traveling up with some friends and hopefully hooking up with fellow Eagles blogger Brian from Depressed Fan who is also heading out to the morning practice tomorrow. For this reason, there probably won't be any posts for most of the day tomorrow, but when I do get back I'll be posting a full recap of camp as well as all my pictures.

I want to invite anyone that wants to come up and hang out. We all meet up and watch camp together. However, if you can't make it on this short notice I'll also be heading up on Wednesday. So if anyone wants to come up that day just post it in the comments or email me at bleedinggreenblog at Hope to see you all there and for good measure I'll leave you with my best memory or Lehigh last year, getting Brian Dawkin's autograph! Yes, I realize I geeked out like a 12 year old girl...

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