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Eagles v Panthers Film review

I finally got a chance to go over the entire game on the DVR. Overall, you have to happy with the performance last night as opposed to Monday especially the way the first teams played.

I have alot of notes from the game and I've put them after the jump.

First, I can't say enough about how McNabb looked. He came out firing and looked crisp and accurate. I'm not sure who called that roll out on the second play of the game(whether it was Andy, Marty, or McNabb just doing it) but I think a clear message was being sent there. McNabb is moving fine, throwing on the run, and basically looking like normal.

I must give some props to Max Jean-Giles who filled in quite nicely for Shawn Andrews. While there's no one I want at the right guard spot more than Shawn Andrews, Max Jean at least made me feel good about depth should Andrews not be ready go in week one. He was solid in both the pass and the run and absolutely bulldozed his man on the first Tony Hunt TD. Hunt got right behind MJG and he really cleared a big path.

Another nice game from Brodrick Bunkley as well as his DT partner Mike Patterson. Patterson especially needed a bounceback game after a subpar effort against the Ravens. I love Bunkley's motor, he's always working and never gives up on a play.

While I'm on DTs I wanna mention Montae Reagor who I thought did some good things. One play in particular he put a wicked spin move on his guy and blew right by him forcing a hurried throw from the QB. He got pressure a few other times in the pass rush as well.

I thought Sean Considine struggled. He had a great angle on a run that had been flushed outside and ended up getting stiff armed straight to the ground as the RB turned upfield and gained 7 or 8 yards. A strong safety has to step up and make that tackle.

On the other hand, I think Quintin Mikell looked fantastic. He supported the run well, didn't get lost in coverage, and laid some strong hits on both RBs and WRs. I really have to wonder whether he could get a look at SS when Dawkins comes back.  Mikell is absolutely a starting caliber safety.

Juqua Thomas had a nice game with a strip, a sack, and several plays where he got pressure. Victor Abiamiri also did a nice job with a sack, a hit on the QB, and some very solid plays against the run.  Honestly, both Trent Cole and especially Darren Howard had really good games as well. It made me feel really good about the depth at the DE position.

Speaking of depth, I really like how deep this WR corps looks. There isn't that one 80+ catch "#1" but there's good solid players up and down the depth chart. Although Reggie Brown didn't really do anything, Kevin Curtis looked great. He runs great routes, has dependable hands, he's quick and seems to already have a rapport with McNabb. Beyond them though, I thought Jason Avant was good, Hank Baskett made plays, and even Jeremy Bloom looked capable. The only guy I didn't see much of was Greg Lewis, but he's shown in years past that he can play. Outside of the top 2 guys, there's 4 guys who absolutely NFL receivers on this team. 3 of which are second year players still with plenty of room to grow.

Jeremy Bloom didn't have very many opportunities in the return game, but the one punt where he did have room he took advantage. What was probably most encouraging was that Bloom took some decent hits on a kickoff return and as a WR and bounced up quickly from both. The kid has the speed and vision to be a NFL returner, most people seem to agree on that. It's his durability that's always been the question. It's just one game, but I thought he showed he can avoid most direct hits and get up from the ones he does take.

Secondary wise I thought both Brown & Sheppard had good games with Lito obviously being the big playmaker taking a pick 40 yards to the house. Will James had a decent bounce back performance, he had really struggled Monday night. He nearly had one pick on a play where he showed good recognition jumping a route. Rashad Barksdale had nice pick on a ball that was pretty much thrown right to him... but it's still nice to him haul it in. Both Brown and James dropped what should have been picks.

Another good, solid performance from Brent Celek. He's been having a great camp and preseason for any rookie TE, let alone a 5th round pick. He's big, quick enough, and doesn't drop anything. He runs hard after catch and is looking like a more than capable blocker. He and Tapeh where the guys that paved the way for Tony Hunt's second TD run.

Finally, we finish with the punters. Really both guys did a good job. I suspect that one way or another they'll both be playing in the NFL this year. Rocca was impressive again booming one huge kick after another, but also had once fantastic pooch punt that he enough hangtime under for Greg Lewis to get down the field and catch the punt on the 4 yard line. He also did a job holding for Akers. Dirk was solid punting as well with one specific punt that just landed and died on the 2 yard line and left Carolina pinned very deep. He also did a great job grabbing a low snap off the ground and putting down a good hold that led to an Akers FG.

That remminds me, I can't forget Akers. He drilled 2 50+ yard FGs that may well have gone in from 60. He looked very comfortable and in midseason form out there. In monday night's game I didn't think he looked very comforble at all.

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