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What a difference a week makes

Also, what a difference having your pro bowl playmakers back in the lineup makes...

I'll post a full game review when I get a chance to watch the game in it's entirety, it wasn't shown in my area so I had to catch what I could on a bar TV... But I have a few quick thoughts.

McNabb. He's back. All the way back. Beware NFC. Just looking at the throws he made, it's obvious that he's just a class above AJ Feeley. Honestly he's a class above most QBs in this league. He made it look easy tonight.

Lito. The man just makes plays. It's that simple. He comes up big at big moments and can change a game. Very nice to see him back and looking good.

The pass rush. Thanks for showing up! I guess you didn't realize preseason started on Monday? 4 sacks, that's the production we're looking for.

Pass protection. See above.

The D. Against the Eagles starting defense the Panthers only managed 37 yards. Guess those "mental mistakes" Jim Johnson was so upset about Monday night were fixed. Although I have to agree with the guys commenting in the game thread. The Panthers just looked dreadful. I give our D credit for playing well, but this Panther team didn't put up much of a fight.

Akers with two 50 plus yard FGs, Tony Hunt looking like a legit goal line back with 2 TDs, Brent Celek looking like a flat out player, Abiamiri getting his first sack... Lots of positives from tonight. I didn't get to see Kolb, but his stat line of 11 for 16 looks pretty solid.

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