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Is Shawn Andrews just being dramatic? Part 2, yes he is

At least that's what Andy Reid said today. Thanks to Iggles Blog for unearthing this one.

The Eagles posted the transcript of Andy's presser today and guess what they put right at the top?

On why Andrews said that his injury was a "tear-jerker": "Well, Shawn's an emotional guy. He wants more than anybody to be out here and playing. That locker room can kind of be a rough place when you're not playing, you've got to get out here a little bit. But, in my opinion there's nobody that wants to be out there more than Shawn. He's frustrated. But the main thing, and really the only thing, that I care about right now is that he's getting better, and that he's doing."

On whether he expects Andrews to be ready for the season opener: "Yeah, I believe he will be. Yes."

On why Andrews made it sound like a career threatening injury: "That's him being Shawn. One thing that makes Shawn a good football player, he's an emotional football player. He showed you a little emotion yesterday and he wants back out on the field and he's just got to weather this thing and as frustrating as it is for him he's got to weather his foot and get back."

On whether the emotion Andrews showed was from him wanting to play not news from the doctor: "Yes."

On why he doesn't let players talk about injuries: "I'd rather just do it myself. I think it just works out better. I mean, we're taking this thing here and blowing it way out of perspective."

On that last point I must say... good policy Andy. I hope from now on your guys follow it. It looks like Shawn got everyone a little panicked for no reason...

Update [2007-8-17 14:49:57 by BleedGreen]: GCobb says he has a source with the Eagles that says Andrews' season actually is in doubt.

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