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Eagles Ravens post game thoughts

All in all it wasn't a terribly impressive performance from any of the Eagles' units, it was typical preseason. Most starters only played about a series and a half. That third/four unit was especially terrible. They just fumbled everything, dropped everything... I'm glad none of those guys will be making the team.

The offensive lines gave up alot of penetration both on the pass rush and the run game. We obviously had some depth issues there with Andrews out, but I'd like to see some better protection. The Ravens' second defense particularly beat up the second team offensive line.

The only negative I'm really concerned about is the FG kicking. Akers has let on recently that he's not terribly comfortable with the holding and snapping situation. That first miss was definitely due to a poor snap. Not sure if Dirk could have done a better job saving it, but it was problematic.

As for guys that looked good...

I was very encouraged by Bloom. He had a few very nice returns, both in kickoff and punt returns. He did a good job finding the seam on kickoffs and was able to make that first man miss on punt returns. He also had a couple tough underneath catches as a WR.

Brent Celek really stood out. He had one nice 20+ yard gain after a quick pass from Holcomb that he he rumbled down field for about 15 yards afterward. Plus he seemed to be one of, if not th only guy to play from the first half through the 4th. He's a big guy who knows how to find those seams and get himself into them. He does a good job catching the ball away from his body, tucking it away and turning it upfield. I actually can't wait to see some more of this kid. He's been a standout at camp and it seems like he's carrying it over into preseason. In fact, he won the ETN player of the game.

Sav Rocca looked pretty much all that he was advertised to be. He boomed one 65 yarder and his other his kicks were very good as well. I'm not sure if he even had another punt under 50 yards. He also took a huge(and pretty cheap) shot on a return and bounced right up from it and was laughing about it on the sideline. Remember, this guy played Aussie rules football without pads. Getting hit with all that padding on must be nice for him...

I think Stewart Bradley did some good things out there. KLKatz from Eagles Chronicles said it best, Bradley has a "nose for the ball." He didn't get caught out of position and he's a very sure tackler.

Bunkley did some things I liked. The first team defense, although it didn't play much, did get run on but it was difficult to see how much of that was his fault. He did break into the backfield once and get a tackle for a loss on a run, and he batted down a pass. For playing so little, that's two standout plays. Not bad.

Finally, I saw some things I liked out of Kevin Kolb. He had virtually no protection, and his receivers dropped or fumbled seemingly everything... but when he did have time he looked good. He has great form and a quick release. He throws a very tight, hard spiral. It's a very pretty ball and he's very accurate. I'd like to see him play with some real football players at some point.

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