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Kolb gets the second half... Why?

Andy Reid announced his QB rotation for Monday's preseason opener yesterday with a little bit of a surprise. Kevin Kolb will be playing the entire second half.

McNabb won't play, Feeley will take presumably the most of if not the entire first quarter, and Holcomb will play the remainder of the first half. Reid will use the full second half to get an extended look at his newest protege. McNabb will reportedly start this coming Friday against the Panthers on the grass in Philly.

Normally in the first preseason game the team would have a 4th quarterback that would take the 4th quarter. In the past it's been Timmy Chang or Ron Powlus... just camp fodder usually. With no McNabb, the Eagles are down to only 3 QBs and it gives Andy a golden opportunity to give Kolb a good amount of game experience. The move makes sense, but I do have one problem. Why give him the 3rd and 4th quarter and not the 2nd and 3rd? All indications are that Kelly Holcomb has pretty much no chance to make this team and won't figure into the QB situation this year. Kolb is your number 3 for this year and in the absence of your first stringer... doesn't that make Kolb your number 2? Why he should be relegated to playing with a 3rd and 4th string offense which is full of guys that won't even be in the NFL in a few weeks?

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