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Preseason vs Baltimore - 5 players to watch

Gocong is excited to start...
McNabb will not play. In all likelihood Westbrook, Runyan, Andrews, Dawkins, & Sheppard probably won't even play either... Mayne you'll see a token series from a few of those guys. So it's not like we're really going to see anything about the way this team works. However, we will get to see some individuals that should have an important impact on the coming season. These are the guys I'll have my eye on.

Chris Gocong - Andy & Jim Johnson both said he'd probably get alot of snaps in preseason, so we should get to see plenty of him. It's pretty simple, Gocong is your starting SAM and there isn't a whole lot behind him as insurance. There's rookie Stewart Bradley, there's camp guys like Tank Daniels and Dedrick Roper but there's no proven NFL talent there. It's basically sink or swim with Gocong, so I'll be watching him very closely to see how he fares in pass coverage against a solid TE like Todd Heap.

Jeremy Bloom - Much like Gocong, there isn't much of a plan B behind Bloom. There's camp fodder guys like Bill Sampy, but he really has no shot to make the team. Special Teams coach Rory Seagrest mention Correll Buckhalter and Greg Lewis could also return kicks but neither of those names really excite me. If Bloom can bring the kind of spark he's capable of to the return game, he could add a whole new dimension to this team that hasn't been here since Brian Mitchell. He's also going to see some time at WR, which I'll be very interested in seeing as well.

Sav Rocca - Here it is, a real NFL game(kinda). Rocca has never played in a NFL game. Every single person that's been to camp has said the same thing. Rocca looks amazing, he's booting punts over 60 yards... but can he do it in a game? We'll find out. He has every tool you need, he just needs to show he can do it in a game and he should easily make this team. I'll also be very interested to see him hold for some FGs in a live game.

Brodrick Bunkley - This one should be a no brainer. Alot of eyes will be on Bunkley. It seems that most people, including the Eagles' coaches, have been willing to him a mulligan for last year. he showed up to camp late, he wasn't in the best shape, he didn't really pick up much technique-wise... That will all be forgiven if this year he plays like the top 15 pick he was. I want to see him getting penetration and I want to see him holding his ground on run plays. Like Gocong, I expect Bunk to get alot of snaps.

Jason Avant - This one will probably come as a bit of a surprise... While I'll be interested to see how Curtis fits in and how Reggie looks, Avant has really crept into the mix of WRs that could really see some time this year. He's had a great camp and has drawn alot of praise from coaches. It's his second year in the system and the year that most young receivers really get the West Coast Offense. With a good preseason, Avant could very well win some solid playing time this year and maybe even get that 3rd WR spot.

Obviously it'll be interesting to see the rookies and see how some guys that were injured last year look, but these 5 will really have my eye.

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