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Campin' - Eagles Training Camp notes 8.11.07

Camp goodness from from Flickr
Frequent reader/commenter 700 level was live and in person yesterday and gave us a full report on everything he saw over in the diaries. Definitely check that out.

Reuben Frank talked with Tom Heckert and got his thoughts on how the draft picks are faring. Basically Heckert thinks everyone has been great...

This was a pretty fun story. Akers made his first pressure kick of the season.

"As the Eagles' three-time Pro Bowl kicker lined up for a 43-yard field-goal attempt during the morning practice, head coach Andy Reid announced to his team that if Akers made the kick, the players would have the night off.

Undaunted, Akers stepped into the kick and put it straight through the uprights, triggering an on-the-field and sideline celebration from his teammates. Akers, however, wasn't all that excited because he hadn't been happy with his work at Lehigh."

Jason Avant made a catch along the sidelines but took out a young fan in the process. The kid was okay after the impact.

This is a great story about the 2005 Eagles draft class. It has produced 3 starters and most of the other picks are still on the team. The piece really examines how important that class is and how much Andy acknowledges them. Plus, it's was pretty interesting to learn that those guys are kind of like a little clique within the team and that the class of 05 hang out with each other outside of work.

Derrick Faulkner, a WR from Moorestown High School in South Jersey, had a really nice day at camp yesterday making some acrobatic catches.

The Eagles D has taken Dawkins' message about stopping the run to heart.

Kelly Holcomb would love to stay with the Eagles, but he knows it's a long shot.

Finally, Takeo Spikes loves to talk. Not only is a vocal leader, but he just likes to make noise out there. Speaking of TKO, the people running his website emailed me and asked if I would give his official site a plug. I linked it over in the blogroll on the right column, it's

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