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Campin' - Eagles Training Camp notes 8.10.07

Let's start out today's notes with maybe the most sellacious piece of news. Gary Cobb has made no secret of the fact the he basically doesn't feel like Jeremiah Trotter belongs on this team anymore. He's went out of his way to rip Trotter on a near weakly basis. That said, his criticisms haven't always been unfounded. Yesterday, he says that Andy Reid seems to share his feelings. Andy had been upset in the morning practice with the way the first team defense was playing.

Finally Reid just blew his stack, looked over at the defensive huddle with Jeremiah Trotter standing out front getting ready to make the call,  and said, "I guess I need to get Gaither back in here"  Yes that's what he said and he knew that all of the reporters were within earshod to hear his statement.  Clearly this statement was aimed at middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter.  Gaither had made a few plays earlier in the practice and has had an outstanding camp.  

Future hall of fame Bills WR Andre Reed watched practice from the sidelines yesterday and spoke with Andy for a while after practice. He also shared some thoughts with the media on the Eagles' WR.

Bunkley has dropped 15-20 pounds of body fat over the offseason and he promises to deliver this year.

Shawn Andrews has an ankle sprain and didn't break any bones or tear any ligaments. Not sure how long it will sideline him, but it sounds like positive news.

LJ Smith "aggravated" his sports hernia injury yesterday and was carted off the field. No news on what it really means for him or how long he'll be out.

Kevin Kolb got his first taste of the boo birds after he threw an interception. The boos were more mocking than they were derisive and Kolb smiled.

Rich Hoffman does a good job looking at the Eagles' injuries and deciding which ones you should worry about which ones you shouldn't. Basically, worry about LJ Smith but don't worry about Dawkins or Andrews.

McNabb would like to play in the upcoming preseason game against Baltimore but it's unlikely since Andy Reid prefers McNabb make his first start on a grass field.

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