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Eagles Training Camp Notes

The real "pads on" hitting phase of camp is fully underway as of 8:15am and now we finally get to really see what some of these young guys can do. We also cross our fingers no one gets hurt...

For a guy that saying he's putting football first and his contract situation second... LJ Smith sure is doing alot of talking about his contract. Seemingly, there's not a newspaper, blog, or website(including the Eagles own) out there today without a story about LJ wanting a new deal but not wanting to be a distraction...

It looks like that flea flicker the birds used so often and so well last year is still in the offense.

G Cobb was surprised at the complexity of the plays Andy was running on just the first day of practice. Frankly, this system and the core players have been here long enough that I don't really find it surprising at all...

Juan Castillo can flat out coach. Did you know that year the Eagles offensive line gave up the fewest sacks since 1981? The article is a pretty interesting look at one of the most important and unheralded members of Reid's staff.

Bob Brookover has some great stuff from players talking about their first day wearing pads and hitting at camp. There were two really funny quotes.

Shawn Andrews

"The first one-on-one we had that day with the defensive line, I was up against Corey Simon," Andrews said. "I came up at him with no technique whatsoever, and this was my first time playing guard, too, and he gave me a quick hand slap and gave me some kind of move and I landed flat on my face.

Chris Gocong

"I think I was at defensive end and it might have been Tra [William Thomas] or it might have been [Jon] Runyan," Gocong said. "All I can remember is that I was coming off the edge, and I just saw this mean, giant hand and it hit me straight in the neck. That was my first real NFL moment.

Some highlights of practice yesterday from Geoff Mosher. McNabb was moving like normal, Kearse looks great, Tony Hunt is running with the second team, Will James is running with the first team, and Stewart Bradley only played middle linebacker.

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