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Dhani Jones brings his banjo to the Big Easy

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Dhani brings his banjo to the Big Easy
After more or less abusing him twice last year and exploiting him as one of the weak spots of the Eagles defense both through the air and on the ground, the New Orleans Saints have decided, "hey that's our guy."

Yes our favorite banjo strummin bowtie wearing, lead footed turnstile, Dhani Jones, has signed with the New Orleans Saints.

I think reader Dire Radiant put it best when he said this...

...the Saints have weakened their linebacking corps by signing Dhani Jones, who the Eagles considered surplus to requirements. Wonder if he'll start for the Saints? He couldn't hold down a backup spot with the Eagles. Anyway, good news for us, as it just got easier to attack the Saints in the secondary.

In the AP article talking about the signing the writer makes what I'd call the understatement of the year. "Jones, who is listed at 6-foot-1, 240 pounds, played four season with the New York Giants before spending the past three with the Eagles. In Philadelphia, he was considered a disappointment." You could say that.

It's rare when you face a situation that you're incredibly excited about an ex player going to a conference rival... See you soon Dhani!

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