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The Linc 7.05.07 The (Bald) Eagles Are Back!

Let's go get off that endangered species list!
And the lists just keep on comin! It's the top 10 bogus national media assumptions about the Eagles. (Iggles Blog)

Will McNabb's facial hair at training camp accurately predict the season to come? (700 Level)

Thanks to the wonders of Youtube, how about a vid of simply Brian Dawkins hitting people? (Eagle Scout)

Sadly, no preseason magazine has picked the Eagles to go to the superbowl this year. Sniffle. (Eagles Eye)

It appears that the Bills may have given up on contract talks with Darwin Walker and he'll be shipped back to the Eagles for a 6th round pick. (Inside the Iggles)

Michael David Smith wrote something I could not agree more with. I don't know if you caught the "puff piece" ESPN did on the NFL's most notorious steroid user, Shawne Merriman... but it really annoyed me too. (Fanhouse)

Speaking of ESPN, I also agree that this "Who's Now?" thing they are doing on sportscenter is the dumbest thing ever. (Awful Announcing)

GCobb reaffirms the importance of the running game in the Eagles success this year. (

How do we know Eli Manning is going to be great? Because Frank Gifford says so. (With Leather)

When did Hilary Duff become really hot? (WWTDD)

Although I'm happy to hear that the Bald Eagle is coming off the endangered species list... I thought this writers' subtle dig at our Eagles was a little unnecessary. (

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