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Weight Issues; Kearse & Trotter

Hidden in an interesting piece by Les Bowen in which he spoke with Andy Reid and Marty Morningwheg about their relationship with Bill Walsh. Bowen dished some interesting stuff about the weight of Kearse and Trotter.

We all saw the pics of skinny Jevon Kearse badly needing to put on some weight before the season. We also all saw Trotter's struggles last year and heard the whispers that he'd have to drop some weight to get quicker... It seems like those guys have gotten their weight issues under control.

Jevon Kearse, looking extremely buff as usual, said he weighed in at 248 yesterday, up from 240 (or less) during the offseason and down from "250, 251" when he checked into the 2006 camp. Kearse's offseason slimness, as he recovered from knee surgery, alarmed some fans, since the Eagles list him at 6-4, 265, but it isn't clear that Kearse's slim-hipped build ever really carried that much weight. Remember, he entered Florida as a safety.

And Trotter?

Speaking of weight, middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said he weighed in at 256, down 9 pounds from last year's check-in weight (the team traditionally lists Trotter at 262). The coaching staff, or as Trotter put it yesterday, "a little birdie" asked him to shed some pounds to get quicker. "I just feel more explosive, just lighter, not carrying all that weight," he said. "My muscle mass [is up], my body fat is about 7 percent."

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