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The Linc 7.26.07 - We are so now it's not even funny

Sum Sum Summertime!
Here's hoping that nasty SI cover jinx doesn't hit our Sheldon Brown. (Eagles Eye)

Stop the E!SPN "Who's Now" contest right now. A winner has already been crowned. (Sport is stranger than fiction)

In light of the NBA ref scandal, here's a whole lotta thoughts on the state of refs in the NFL. (Iggles Blog)

I'd be an Eagles fan no matter what, but it helps to know that we really are rooting for the good guys. For proof check out the story of Eagle Joe. (Eagles Chronicles)

Eagles rookie RB Tony Hunt is a headline writer's dream. In The Hunt, The Hunt Begins, The Hunt For Red October... (Eagles Gab)

Watching the video of that Brown on Bush hit from last year's playoffs really never gets old. It's basically porn for football fans. (Eagle Scout)

And so is the 2004 NFC Title game. Sigh... (Inside the Iggles)

Hey, it's Only Three More Days Until We Can Stop Pretending To Care About The Phillies. Ouch! (Fortress of Pillows)

Mike McMahon is back in the business of ruining seasons, this time in Cananda! Don't say we didn't warn you Canada. We stand on guard for thee. (Toronto Star)

This is always fun, how about pics of hot sportscasters? Sorry Barry Melrose fans, lady sportscasters only! (Sports Culture)

Part of me wonders why the Eagles even bothered putting the the Best Eagles DE Ever up for a vote? (

If any of you had the chance to hear Mike Francesa(of Sports Talk WFAN in NYC) talk with ESPN's John Walsh you were treated to some of the most compelling sports talk radio ever. (The Big Lead)

Apparently there is some ridiculous event called the World Cup... of American football held last week. The US won in overtime against Japan. By the way, the US had never entered the World Cup of American Football before... (Rumors & Rants)

NFL songs should stop with Fly Eagles Fly. That's as good as it gets. This other nonsense is just embarrassing. Sorry Raider fans. (With Leather)

Finally, I gotta say... this Bear Grylls guys is just a flat out badass. (YouTube)

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