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Eagles History - McNabb's 15 second scramble

Monday Night football against the Dallas Cowboys. There aren't many bigger stages than that for a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and on November 15, 2004 the Eagles put on a show.

Coming off their first loss of the 2004 season in Pittsburgh, doubt had started to creep into the minds of Eagles fans. The team was more or less manhandled by the Steelers and many of the their deficiencies that were covered up by all the winning were now at the forefront. The doubt was magnified by a looming primetime showdown in Dallas.

All that doubt was pretty much erased with a record setting evening in Dallas. The Eagles beat the Cowboys 49-21. Before that, no team had ever come into Dallas and scored more points. That game also featured Lito's Sheppard's first 100+ yard INT return for a TD against the Cowboys. His latest was just last year...

That said, the unquestioned play of the game was supplied by Donovan McNabb. It was 3rd and 10 in the second quarter and Dallas had just scored on a Jason Witten TD. The Cowboys brought pressure and McNabb pulled off one of the great scramble and throw plays you'll ever see...

Set to the Benny Hill theme as a bonus!

By the way, when asked about the 49-21 win after the game Andy Reid, in his typical style said "We hit on a few plays." Yeah, you sure did.

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