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Expect Kolb to sign soon

With rookies due to report to training camp this Friday it's only realistic to assume that Kevin Kolb will be inking a contract with the Eagles in the very near future.

Today, it likely became elementary. The Dolphins signed QB John Beck, who they picked just 4 slots after Kolb. Players are slotted in the NFL draft, meaning pick #2 gets a little less than pick #1 and little more than pick #3 and so on... Meaning eventually someone has to set the market and sign one of their picks before all the others can start to fall into place. Miami has reportedly given Beck a 3 year deal with an option for a 4th with $2.25 million in guaranteed money. Expect this contract to more or less be the starting point for the Kolb deal, which will likely be 4 years(the max for 2nd round picks which the Eagles always get) and nominal percent higher guaranteed money. Both the Eagles and Kolb's agent will be able to look at what percentage more the #36 overall pick got than the #40 pick last year and get the deal done fairly quickly.

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