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It's the offseason... Get your lists out!

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Making lists is fun, reading lists are fun. Any "how to increase traffic to your site/blog" article will always tell you to make lists. "The top 5 reasons blah blah... The 8 best blah blahs of all time..." So in a time such as now when the NFL news cycle has more or less screeched to a halt, everyone is making lists.

Come to to think of it, maybe I should make my own list... Of lists.

First there was Peter King's crazy list where he ranked all starting QBs in the NFL. That one got everyone talking... Try googling it. There's pages and pages of responses from the blogosphere about the piece. Well played Mr King. Well played sir. Still, McNabb behind Vince Young, Tony Romo, & Jay Cutler. Are you mad?!

Here's a fun one. The Sporting News ranked the top WR corps in the NFC. The Eagles 3rd best passing offense apparently = 9th best WRs. Figure that one out.

It's not all bad though, the Sporting News did rank the Eagles #2 in their list of the top offensive tackle tandems in the NFC.

If ranking players on the field isn't quite your thing, how about some owner rankings? They ranked Jeff Lurie #6 in the NFL, one below Daniel Snyder. Below?!? The guy whose team has won 6 of the last 7 division titles is behind the guy who has never won one? Plus, the Panthers owner is #3? Ok, take a deep breath. It's just a list.

I was happy to see that Eagles were not listed among the Ten most dysfunctional offseasons list.

There was however a list that I was pretty surprised to see the Eagles on. The list of teams with at least ten million in cap space left. According to the article, the Birds are still $11.5 million under the cap. How about throwing some of that toward a veteran strong safety?

There was the top 50 players in the NFL list done by Pete Prisco that featured only 2 Eagles, Shawn Andrews and Donovan McNabb.

No Eagles on the Fox Sports 9 most underrated stars in the league list.

Although ESPN feels that Reggie Brown is one of the the most underrated WRs in the NFL.

Pro Football Talk has gotten in on the action with their list entitled "The Top 25 players in the last 25 years." They are only have 24 & 25 so far... so it's a bit early to bash for lack of Birds. By the way, that list was in response to another top 25 in 25 done by USA today. They're up to #15 and still have no Eagles. Something tells me that at least the Minister of Defense will be in the top 5...

So that was my list, of lists. Maybe this week we'll do an actual list, of... something.

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