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The Linc 7.19.07 - The Eagles are who you thought they were edition

She knows it was no fluke
You know how some people have claimed the only reason the Eagles have been so good over the past few years is because the NFC East has been so bad? Turns out, they're completely wrong. Thanks to Dave from Eagle Scout for totally debunking this myth! (Eagle Scout)

The new Madden 2008 trailer is up and guess who starts with? Weapon X... (AOL Fanhouse)

Who is this Ron from San Diego and why is he so interested in the Eagles defensive coordinator position? (Iggles Blog)

Although I don't know why anyone would trade for Holcomb when they know for almost certain that he'll be cut... there's been some chatter that a deal to the Vikings could be in the works. (Eagles Eye)

What are your top 10 most favorite Eagles coaches ever? (Eagles Gab)

How about some video from the Eagles cheerleader calender unveiling? (

For those Phils fans out there... some smart commentary on 10,000 losses. (Huge Tiny Mistake)

If you plan on getting a personalized #7 Falcons jersey... here are some suggestions for a name! (Leave the Man Alone)

Speaking of Mike Vick, get your fix here. Dave the Falconer has done a great job giving a Falcon's fan perspective to the whole situation. (The Falcoholic)

This is kinda funny someone leaked an internal complaint memo from E!SPN. It has alot common office stuff in it, but it's just odd because it's... you know, EPSN. (Deadspin)

Despite his offseason sports hernia surgery, LJ Smith will be ready for training camp. (

It seems Philly is close to getting another football team. Not the kind Reggie Bush plays however. (Sons of Ben)

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