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ESPN Position Rankings - Wide Reciever

Much was made of the Eagles' lack of WRs last year, but despite losing their starting QB for a good portion of the year the Eagles' passing attack was the 4th best in the NFL.

Now that wasn't all just the WR's doing, certainly LJ Smith had something to do with it & Brian Westbrook had alot to do with it... but the fact is that top 5 passing attacks can't have below average WRs, which is exactly how ESPN sees the Eagles' WR corps

17. Philadelphia Eagles
Although Philadelphia lost Donte' Stallworth to free agency, the Eagles amply replaced him with another speed merchant in Kevin Curtis. The former Ram is ready to be a No. 2 wideout and should excel in Andy Reid's receiver-friendly scheme. He is very intelligent and should fit in well in Philadelphia. Reggie Brown has shown signs of becoming a playmaker, but he is not yet a legit No. 1 option -- although we feel he might warrant that distinction very soon. The depth behind these two players is very young and an injury to either starter would be a concern.

Ranked 17. That's average to below average. It's just hard to understand how despite only losing Donte Stallworth and "amply" replacing him with Kevin Curtis how a team with the 4th best passing attack(and the #1 before McNabb went down) can have a worse WR corps than say... The Ravens?

I'm not saying the Eagles have the best WRs in the league, but they were productive and part of the most lethal pass attack in football for the first half of last year. Now all those youngsters from last year aren't rookies anymore.

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